President & CEO


Dr. Djalil Sorbi


Education and academic  degree :

                              Doktor  Dipl . Ingenieur, Maschinenbau , 1976 , University  of  Wien , Austria

Qualifications :

                             - Registered and Recognized TUV-Austria inspector for industrial  product and                                            process according to pressure equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC and ECE R43 and ECE R110.      

                             - KBA  German  road  traffic   legislation   Auditor.

                             - ISIRI  Recongnized  Expert  on  Standardization  and  Conformity  Assessment.

                             - TUV-CERT  Recognized   ISO 9000 Quality  Management  System  Lead  Audito.r

                             -  VDE  and  KEMA  factory  inspector.

                             -  OHSAS   18000  Auditor.


Training  leading  to the  qualification :

                             - Acquaintance  With  CCA  requirements   for  conduct of  factory inspections,  orientation  by  the national  coordinator , 1995                                       

                            -Quality  Management  Systems  auditor  training  in Iran  and  Austria ,1999 and 2001                            

                            - Practical  training  on conduct  of  technical  inspections , in  Austria  , 1970's

Professional  work  experience  in  standardization  and  conformity  assessment :

                            -Participating annually in PED seminars in Vienna for all inspector.

                            -Participating  in  standards  development  and  conformity  assessment  activities  of Institute  of  Standards  and  Industrial  Research  of  Iran (ISIRI) as Recognized Expert and  Inspector , since  1988                             

                          -Participating  in  several  supervised  factory  inspections  according  to  CCA                                              requirements  for  VED  since  1995 and for  KEMA  since  1998 (product Categories CABL , CAP , CONT , INST , LITE , POW )

                         -Practical traning   on  Quality  Management  Systems  auditing  and  certification                                      with  TUV  in  Austria , 1999             

                         -Leading of , or participation  in  several  QMS  audits  according  to ISO 9001 , since 1999

                         -Conduct of  several  Pre-Assessments of  ISO 9001 Quality  Management  Systems ,  since 1999

                       - Working in the field of safety and health ,According to the  regulations  and  standards of Iran , from 2002 Till 2010.